East York’s Got Talent

Back by popular demand and not limited to a stage.

East York is ripe with talent and we want to see your natural, unique, or special talent.

Limited only by your imagination you show us what you’ve got!

  • Musical talents?
  • Athletic abilities?
  • Can you say the alphabet backwards?
  • What is your fun, weird or wonderful talent?

Video it and share it! We hope to see submissions from all ages!

Post & Win @EastYorkCanDay (make certain to tag your photo to be entered into our prize draw).

Want to view the East York talent from previous years? View our Entertainment Gallery!

Backyard Jam

EY in Motion

Interested in shaking off those Covid-blues?  Time to get your bodies in motion.

This self-directed challenge is perfect for families to walk, run, ride, skateboard, skate or scooter.

It’s easy. Get out there, take a minimum of 10 photos with you at your favourite East York spots.

Photos could include alleyway murals, schools, churches, public buildings, historical buildings, parks, street signs, plaques/monuments, cemeteries, painted street corner mailboxes, retail businesses just to name a few.

Once you have photographed all 10 locations, submit via email @ canadadayfestivaleastyork@gmail.com with the subject “EY in Motion” by 9:00pm on July 1st to be added to the prize draw.

Need ideas? Click the link below for our EY locations map.
EY Locations Map


EY in Motion

@ Home Olympics

Be an Olympian by competing in our EY @ Home Olympics!

Get creative. A little household competition can be fun!

Board games, trivia, races, obstacle course, karaoke, apple bob — there are all kinds of ideas just a google away. Timed wins or high score, it is up to you. Plan it, build it, and play it.

Chance to win a Gold, Silver or Bronze Medal – Post & Win @EastYorkCanDay (make certain to tag your photo to be entered into our prize draw).

Backyard Olympics

EY Bakes

Canada Day would be incomplete without something sweet to eat.

We invite you to contribute to our first ever dessert cookbook, EY Bakes.

Share your family favourites and of course, you are welcome to add a Canada Day twist.

Submit the full recipe including photo, ingredient list and instructions via email to canadadayfestivaleastyork@gmail.com with the subject “EY Bakes” by 9:00pm on July 1st to be added to the prize draw.

EY Bakes Community Cookbook will be published and posted to our website for download after July 1, 2021.

Let’s get baking EY!

EY Bakes

Undercover Scavenger Hunt

Gather your household and join us for an old-fashioned Scavenger Hunt. Clues will be posted starting June 27th.

Your first clue will be found by a tree at S. Walter Stewart Library/True Davidson Park by the Greek Pontian memorial.

Read the clue and then follow clues to take you to the next clue.
Continue in order until you have found all 5 clues.  Be certain to write down all the red letters you see at each location

The fun is not done!

Unscramble the red letters you have collected to solve the final challenge. Submit your answer by 9:00pm on July 1st canadadayfestivaleastyork@gmail.com, subject “EY Under Cover”!

All correct answers will be eligible for an entry in the prize draw.

EY Bakes
Prize Draw Terms & Conditions:
You must be 18 years of age or older to be eligible to win. By submitting your image(s) and/or video(s), you give the East York Toronto Canada Day Corporation permission to use and publish them for promotional or other purposes, without payment.